• About Oak Text Marketing

    OAK Text Marketing is a managed text marketing service.  We help companies who desire digital solutions to complement or replace their traditional marketing efforts… even if they have no staff or time to explore digital opportunities in-house.  We ensure that a company’s digital marketing efforts are appropriate for the goals set and budget allocated.  Digital marketing represents a tremendous opportunity for most companies whether they sell b-to-b or retail.  We work with company staff to maximize technical opportunities without compromising traditional relationships.

  • Our Mission

    To successfully help small to mid-size companies grow and thrive in the highly competitive digital business environment.

  • Kris Wendtland - Founder

    Kris Wendtland has consulted on newspaper growth and development, and was part of two newspaper redesigns.  She’s helped launch a corporate magazine, a retail magazine, and has custom published and edited several books.  A team-builder, Kris delights meeting a deadline with humor and aplomb, then returning to the start just for the fun of hitting a deadline all over again.  Little is more exciting for her than watching a nimble and responsive business grow… unless it’s helping them grow while staying nimble and responsive.  Digital is the answer!  Kris founded Oak Text Marketing and has led her companies through moves, the occasional financial sideswipe, expansions, contractions, experiments, a leaky roof or two, and assorted tornadoes.  She does not need caffeine.