• Mobile Friendly Websites

    The mobile search era is happening now. In Nov. 2014, Google visits from mobile devices surpassed those on desktops for the first time in history. This has created a turning point in the mobile revolution and has forced all businesses to dedicate attention to their mobile footprint. Right now is the time to decide if your website is mobile friendly, and Oak Text Marketing is your go-to source!

  • Why Should My Website Be Mobile Optimized?

    There are several reasons why having a mobile optimized website is important. First, user experience is very important. If you have ever visited a site that is not mobile friendly on your smartphone you will understand this point. Desktop sites that do not change to fit screen of a phone or tablet are virtually impossible to read and navigate, and will lose a viewer immediately. Second, with the uptick in mobile browsing, the major search engines have put a premium on mobile user's experience. If your website is not mobile friendly, it will almost always be penalized by the major search engines. This will result in making your site hard to find to mobile browsing. 

    At Oak Text Marketing, we can help design the proper solution for your business. We specialize in all types of mobile website design, from fully responsive Wordpress sites, to the more affordable mobile website redirect.

  • There is no need to guess whether your website is mobile friendly! Google has created a great tool for you to see if your site is mobile optimized in seconds. Click the button below, enter your websites URL, and Google will let you know if your site is ready for your mobile users. It's really that easy! If your website is not mobile friendly, please don't wait...call us now!


    Mobile Friendly Test